Get Your roll on

Self-myofascial release (SMR), or foam rolling as it is commonly referred to, is about as essential as it gets when it comes to recovery.

Training and recovery go hand in hand. Here we take you beyond the stretch to a more focused, extended recover that can even be done in from of the TV or virtually anywhere. 


1. Traps

A lot of our everyday actvities include using our traps, even something as simple as sitting at the desk all day typing. That could leave our traps tight and overworked.


Doing this can elevate neck, shoulder and upper back pain. Maintain position lowering and pushing back up slowly maintain form shown.

Chose your intensity

After a LIGHT Sweat

  • 2 minutes each move

  • 20sec corpse pose to conclude


  • 4 minutes each move

  • 30sec corpse pose to conclude



2. Lats

Foam rolling your lats can help with a lot of back and shoulder pain as it is a main muscle in most everyday function. Do you carry groceries?, lift up higher than your head?  

Use this roll to keep you in shape and your muscles safe.


3. glutes


Foam rolling the glutes alleviates pain from tightness in your back and hips. Plus you're taking extra steps to fend out glute amnesia in any of your bum dominant exercises. 

Simply sit on the foam roller while rocking back and forth. For an extra bend one leg over the other. 




Foam rolling your hamstrings aids in posterior recovery, allowing you to sit down a day after leg day without completely passing out.

Allow yourself to move back and forth, crossing one leg for a more intense roll if need be.


5. calves

The calf muscle get's left out of may of the leg workouts pushed around the fitness community however do not leave them out of yours. 

Your achilles are vunerable when you do so.  Roll forward and backward over the calf, even rock the foot side to side controlling the pressure to a vomfort level.


6. quads

The quads seem to be a daily essential, almost all exercise incorporate them. Take care, your quads make up the thighs you talk about aarguably the biggest component of leg gain. 

Protect your back as you do this, pushing in and out with your forearms as shown.