15 minute bosu workout

The BOSU ball, standing for Both Sides Utilized, is one functional piece of equipment.  Whether you're at home or in a gym the BOSU ball can provide the necessary environment to up your calisthenics routine or assist with your stability. 

This workout targets a few key muscles; abdominals, glutes, triceps and more. Grab your water, turn on your favorite track and lets break a sweat.


Chose your intensity


  • 3 rounds

  • 8 reps each movement (6 burpees)

  • 10 sec rest/adjust between each exercise

  • 90 sec rest in between rounds


  • 4 rounds

  • 10 reps each movement (8 burpees)

  • 10 sec rest/adjust between each exercise

  • 45 sec rest in between


1. Bosu Pushup

This move is an excellent way to target your stability, arms. Be sure to keep a neutral spine, and focus on keeping your abs engaged throughout the exercise.

 Get yourself close to the platform when lowering and push back up slowly maintain proper form.



2. oblique raises

Lie on the ground facing the right, with your right side on the Bosu. (Note: Your hip should be on the bosu as well). Extend your right leg to be slightly aligned with you and your left leg behind you for stability. Bend your elbows and place your hands behind your ears, palms facing forward.

(Note: Don't use your hands to bring your head up, doing so can strain your neck.)


3. spider plank


This move targets your core and we all like that. Begin with the Bosu top down. While in a plank position rotate, opposite knee to opposite elbow without sacrificing form.

4. bosu burpee

The burpeee is one of the more demaning movements. Begin with the Bosu top down on the ground then bring your knees up to your elbows. (Note: protect your spine at all times don't cave)

Bosu Crouch -AJ.jpg
Bosu Plank up -AJ.jpg

Jump back up and press the Bosu overhead. (Note: Be sure your elbows are fully extended at the top of the press)