eat real food

Real food shouldn't be a topic of discussion however it is. Today over 90% of food is presented genetically modified (read more on Real Food substitions here), remember what you put in is what you get out. Brooklyn Sweat strives to create awesome, simple, healthy and satisfying meals to share with you, your friends, and family.  


It's all in the genes

Sometimes you're just not eating the right foods for your body type. Understanding what it means to have an eating and working out ratio are essential for building the body you're striving for. Recipes are always listed with a body type recommendation, however don't worry we know you'll want to try them all. 

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NO Clam Chowder

Cold weather blues or just need an excuse to cozy up with a hearty and delicious bowl? Get into this totally plant based chowder. Be sure to make us a bowl!

Prep Time: 25min  |  Lunch. Dinner


SLammin' Oatmeal

Looking to add a twist to a breakfast staple? This quick and easy Oatmeal recipe will leave your tastebuds happy and ready to tackle the day. 

Prep Time: 8min  |  Breakfast


Island Sensation Smoothie

Quick, easy, and portable. Check out this tasty and quick meal replacement; click the photo and join in with your own piece of the island.  

Prep Time: 8min  |  Smoothie. Meal Replacer



Oatmeal cookie awesomeness

You're craving cookies? You want them to be good and good for you? Well we should get to baking. Click over and crave no more. 

  • Prep Time: 30min | Snack. Cookies. Shareables


Lentil Tacos

Quick, amazing and buttery goodness. Check out this tasty biscuit recipe that will pep up your morning crowd; click the photo and share these biscuits to start the morning.  

  • Prep Time: 8min  |  Lunch. Dinner. Shareable


rawsome zucchini salad

Raw, flavorful and quick. Check out this tasty zucchini noodle recipe that will delight even the  toughest crowd.  

  • Total Time: 30 min  |  Raw.Vegan.Pasta


coconut chia pudding

Love pudding or yogurt and want better, healthier options? Look no further than this simple ingredient, less than 10-minute recipe.  

  • Total Time: 8min  |  Breakfast. pudding



Cakes in the morning? Yes please. These pancakes put a great twist on a favorite breakfast staple; adding activated charcol gives your body the pick me up you didn't even know it needed.  

  • Total Time: 20 mins  |  Breakfast. pancake. waffle

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