brooklyn sweat meal prep

Our plane in the kitchen did not start as chefs, or even nutritionist. We started as foodies completely happy to stumble our way into a whole food plant based knowlege, four years later we're here to help you along the way and provide organic plant-based meal options and services to you, your friends, and family. 



Meal Plan + Prep

Our most popular service and the perfect solution for the person on the go, or to free up some time in the week. Our in-home weekly meal preparations provide you with organic plant-based meals for you and your family to enjoy. Depending on your needs meals can be prepared once a week or as often as you need them. All meals are prepared in the client's home, with clean up and food storage provided after. 


Private Dinners

We can cater your next big party or your weekend movie night, allowing you to be the host and the life of the party. Private Dinners provide organic plant-based beverages and food service to a party of your size. All meals are prepared on location from small outdoor events to elegant multi-course arrangements. Table settings and plating are your finising touches. Book your party and let the professionals turn plant-based into art. 


Cooking Party

Whether it's a weekend gathering or just a quick way to learn new meals to prepare, our cooking parties are what you're looking for! During the party there will be great music, techniques on cooking as well as plating. Along with a great meal + a bit of swag, you'll leave with the knowledge to prepare your own great plant-based meals at home.