30 minute ab workout

Abdominals, Abs, Core, 6-pack we have all heard it and we want that flat washboard ab aesthetic.  Your abdominals assist with your stability and just about every functional move there is. 

This workout targets abdominals and more. Grab your water, turn on your favorite track and lets break a sweat.


1. Alternating Crunch

Lie down flat on your back with your head and spine on the floor. Lace your fingers togerher. Lift your trunk, bringing your opposite elbow to opposite knee.


Maintain each rep with a quick and controlled tempo. 

Chose your intensity


  • 3 rounds
  • 10 reps each movement (10 reps/leg when needed) 
  • 10 sec rest/adjust between each exercise
  • 90 sec rest in between rounds


  • 4 rounds
  • 20 reps each movement (12 reps/leg when needed)
  • 10 sec rest/adjust between each exercise
  • 45 sec rest in between


2. Lying Leg Raises

Lie on your back with your back. Place your hands, palm down on the floor beside you or underneath your tail bone. Raise your legs off the ground, exhaling as you go. Keep your knees locked throughout the exercise. Lower your legs slowly and controlled keeping your knees locked. 

(Note: Focus on drawing your navel to the ground as you raise your legs.)



3. plank

Begin on the floor on all fours. Align your hands directly beneath your shoulders, then align your knees beneath your hips. Lift and extend your legs, one at a time, behind you. Maintain a neutral spine throughout. 

Bosu Crouch -AJ.jpg

4. Half Turkish Getup

The Turkish getup is an advanced full stability and strength movement. Begin on your back with the contralateral leg in. (Note: protect your spine at all times don't cave)

Sit upright, progressively lifting yourself off the ground onto your elbow then to your palm, controlling your movements. (Note: Be sure your arm is locked in the upright position)