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With so much information on Fitness and Nutrition it's all too easy to many conflicting answers on one topic. So where do you go to answer your burning questions or at least lead you down the right path? 

The Weigh In strives to give you the best information possible on the hottest, latest, and our favorite fitness + nutritional trends and information. Want to know what oils to cook with? Can you wear the same shoes from your run for the gym? What the heck is fluoride and is it safe? We bring our opinion, certifications, research, and peer knowledge to Weigh In and give our best recommendations and advice. 

Around the country and around the world; men, women, an teenagers are trying methods of weight loss and strength gain which just aren't ideal for their body types. What to know what your body type is? (and we don't mean pear or hourglass; we're talking Anatomy here) What meals are ideal for your fitness goals? 

We weigh in to make sure you aren't left in the dark! Fitness, and your overall health, should be a fun journey of enlightenment and pure feel good. 

With this blog we pride ourselves on being the next step; whether you're a Weekend Warrior or an avid gym goer this is the community for you. From training to nutrition the goal is to assist you along the way to the best you. 

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