It’s a New Year, so you know what that means

By Jhodie-Ann Williams

I know them. You know them. We all know them. They hog your favorite machines, take selfies to post as proof of #NewYearNewMe, and we have to deal with them every year. 

And it will kind of make you want to:

But don’t worry, research shows that about 80 percent of new gym members leave by mid February. So for those of you who have been busting our butts all year, you only have roughly 6 weeks to deal with the overcrowding of your gym. 

I know what you’re thinking though, you still have to deal with about 6 weeks of overcrowding. 

Here are a few ways that could help get you through:

1.) Don't Do This

If someone is on your machine (you know the one that makes you feel Iike you burn more calories than usual or gives you the perfect reps), then maybe this is the time to try a new one. You may be surprised to find that you really can get a good burn from the other equipment. 

2.) Speak up (nicely) 

Remember that new gym goers may not know gym etiquette. Sometimes you will find people resting on a machine for long periods of time between a set. Assess the situation. If you think that someone is hovering over a machine during a break in their set, just ask if you can jump in while they are taking a break. 

3.) New Year, New Time

Most overcrowding happens in the evening around 6pm. Working out after work is very popular and I get it, but it may be worth it—if you’re able to—to get up in the morning and workout before work. Think about it this way, you will get the workout out of the way and feel great for the rest of the day!

Now, for the 20 percent of new members who do persevere through January and February, we want to say CONGRATULATIONS! It isn’t easy staying motivated through the coldest winter months, but you did it. We’ve all started (and restarted) somewhere, so keep pushing. It’s important to stay committed.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated: 

1.) Set Short Term Goals For Yourself

If your longterm goal is to lose 25 lbs by the summer, set a goal to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. Every week that you reach your target weight loss, that’s a moment to CELEBRATE. But not with unhealthy food. Nope don’t do that. That would be counterproductive. One thing that I like to do is pay myself every week when I hit my goal. After all, getting fit is hard work! Whatever amount I settle on, I put it in my savings account. That money ends up paying for some new clothes or part of a new vacation that I can look fabulous and fit on!

2.)  Say Cheese!

You see yourself everyday, so it may be hard to notice subtle changes in your body. Pull out a camera or your phone and snap away. I like to take pictures every 2 weeks and compare. You may surprise yourself by the changes that you see in your face or a new half of an ab popping through! Seriously though, that half of an ab totally counts. 


3.) The Zipper Test

Sometimes the scale won’t show all of your hard work, but those jeans will! Just because you’re scale is obviously broken (at least that’s what I like to tell myself) doesn’t mean you aren’t losing inches. If you notice that your clothes are fitting looser, then guess what? You’re doing something right!