Glute Amnesia? How To Get more Than Junk in your Trunk!

Most people fail to get their muscles warm or warm-up the body before exercising (but that's a blog for another time) and some don't have a normal exercise routine at all. When desk jobs and binge watching your favorite programs combine it can cause not just aesthetic problems but postural and lower back pain. To help you activate those glutes and get that desired "perfect bum", we're here to help you understand a bit about the muscles back there and how you can keep them in the mix.


Pump up the volume! The glute max, which is involved in the extension of the hip and external rotation, however it's probably most important for assisting in upright posture; provides the volume when it comes to the muscles in your derriere. Sitting for too long or overly extensive quadricep exercises can weaken or take the focus off of this muscle; try these exercise to target your glute max. 

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Donkey kicks


Medius & Minimus

Everyone needs a little bit of support and these guys are here to do just that. The glute medius and glute min, respectively, are the lifting and supporting muscles. These muscles are very important when performing any single leg action, as the leg is extended the Medius and Minimus are relied upon for supporting balance and hip abduction. Add these exercises to your routine to work up a sweat!

  • Hip Extension
  • Band Walks
  • Lying Clams
  • Side Plank
  • Hip Abduction
  • Single Leg Weighted Deadlift


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