Repeat after me: Snow day does not equal rest day

By Jhodie-Ann Williams

Winter is not my season meme.jpg

I know, I know, I knooooow. It's winter. It snows. Sometimes there is ice. And it is always cold. This can make it hard for some to keep up the momentum and stay dedicated to their workout goals.

Here Are 5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Winter

1. Plan from the night before

If winter has decided to rear its ugly head the morning you're supposed to have your best workout, then chances are your meteorologist will warn you. Check the weather report before you go to bed and get those extra layers and snow boots out from the night before. The key here is to be one step ahead.

2. But what if it's a surprise snow storm? 

Okay, so Bill Evans (replace with your favorite meteorologist) said that everything was going to be fine tomorrow morning. Bill is cool. You trust Bill. He's usually on point. But then you wake up and find out that, while you were dreaming about having the best sets of your life, Bill is a LIA--umm, he was a little wrong and now there is a foot of snow outside. 

That's okay. Make a little space in your home a workout spot and check out our 15 minute Sweat on The Go videos. These are perfect for when things don't go according to plan. 

3. Get a workout buddy

Here is my disclaimer:  I like to work out alone. You may be the same way too, but having someone to hold you accountable to actually get to the gym can really be helpful. Once you get in the door, you can go your separate ways for an hour.

If you like working out with people, then you can break a sweat together. BUT make sure that you're actually spending that time working out and not gabbing. You could have done all that talking at home, okay? Okay.

4. Clean out your fridge (and cabinets)

It's cliche, but you know those annoying things that people with perfect abs say: "it's all about what you eat," "abs are made in the kitchen," and "it's 80 % diet and only 20% working out." And you're just like... 

Well, it's true. It's even more true in the winter months, because many of us just want comfort foods when it's cold. If you're not careful, it's easy to turn a cheat meal into a cheat week or month. I mean come on, if it's a choice between a cold salad and something warm, buttery, and creamy (or bread, because well, it's bread) what are you going to chose?

Yep, I thought so. Thankfully there are so many healthier options other than salad. My new favorite thing to make is a super simple, creamy avocado sauce for my pasta. I throw a bunch of fresh cilantro and parsley, a garlic clove, some fresh lime juice, blanched kale, and one avocado into a food processor and there you have it. Stews ad soups are also a great way to increase the nutritional content of your meals.

5. If all else fails, shame yourself (in a good way though)

Listen, we've all been eating crap since October. It's been 3 months of yummy wine indulgence, socially acceptable 5th slices of pie, and relying on sweat pants and leggings to mask the truth. And now that's over! 

You want those zippers to zip, and you don't want to have to suck it in to get those pants to button. Now that you've made a new fitness goal, you can't let a little snow deter you. Stick to your goal(s). Winter is like three months long. Are you going to forget about your workout every time it snows?