You fell in love and now your jeans don't fit

By Jhodie-Ann Williams

You'll ask yourself how did this happen?! 

The answer is quite simple: dopamine and hormones have you feeling like you can eat whatever you want for months and still pull up that zipper.

Sometimes when we fall in love it can be really easy to forget about your health and fitness. I mean think about it. Most dates involve you going out to eat--you're not ordering salad and sipping on cucumber and lemon infused water. 

You're both eating restaurant or takeout size (usually well above the recommended serving size) amounts of rice, pasta, cheese, chocolate, and wine.

But you don't notice, because, well, this:

"Love weight" is real y'all, but here are 3 easy ways that you can help get it under control.

1.) Bring date night back to your place 

This gives you the opportunity to control the amount of fat, sodium, and calories that goes into your body. Cooking a meal together is a great way to bond with your significant other. It can be very romantic. Light some candles, set the table, and put on a little background music. 

2.) Make "you" time a priority 

You love him or her. I get it. That's sweet, but guess what? They will be okay if you take an hour or two to get a workout in. You'll be happier and it will carry over into you being a better partner. 

3.) Make fitness a couple's goal

Spending time together doesn't always have to look like this:

You can go for a walk or even go to the gym together. If you're in a relationship where you make financial decisions together, consider this just as important. Talk to each other about your short-term and long-term fitnessgoals and set a plan.