The right Shoes👟 for your Workout

Shoes set the foundation, literally, for your workouts and training regimen alike. Arguably being the most important piece of clothing you put on when heading for your daily activity, shoes are imperative for both your performance and injury prevention. When deciding on shoes one of the first things to think about is how long have you actually had them!

More often than not we tend to use the same shoe for the entire year, if not more. Not only should your shoes be changed out as normal wear and tear occurs, your shoes should also correspond with the activity or training for that day.

If you are going to be weightlifting proper shoes are important, as running shoes tend to have too much cushion. The cushion in running shoes can cause instability, lead to improper form and injury. When looking for weightlifting shoes look for something close to the ground or flat, no need to go searching for something fancy at your nearst complicated running store a classsic chuck taylor can do the trick and provide the stabilty/grounding necessary for weight lifting success. 


Cross training, combining a variety of essential exercise to provide a full body workout, is the exception. When adding cardio into your weightlifting you may require a shoe with a bit more cushion however not as much cushion as a runners shoe. 

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Of all of the shoes on the market for fitness and exercise the runners shoe tends to be the most important and many people gain their daily exercise and activity through running. Runner shoes are typically cushioned to the max, which is ideal as running in the wrong shoe can cause serious injury and pain. 


Your shoes are important, as important as the work you are doing in the gym. Pay attention and listen to your body as you go along; if you need to change out your shoes, realign your motivation and get ready to break a sweat this week.