Fall into the best you

Fall is right on our doorstep, which means more pumpkin spice, cooler temperatures, more cozy clothes and maybe a few extra pounds. We have complied our best tips on how to stay healthy as the weather changes and the cold bug begins to float. 


Outer layers. Long sleeve shirts are great to have however, let’s face it, during workouts we become sweaty and wet. With an outer layer you have something dry to put on over your long sleeve after your workout is completed. (uniglo vest pic)


Long tights. Full leg tights or Yoga pants are essential; sometimes you feel warm and the weather just does not agree. Keeping your body insulated avoids injury, aides in recovery, and keeps you in great health. (long tights pic)


Headphones. Music seems almost essential to any workout making headphones important year round. No matter the size or connectivity headphones are always a plus for any workout. Pick your favorite songs and make a playlist, you will save time and be ready to pick up the pace to your jams. (beats pic)



Reflective Gear. If you are a runner or doing your workouts outside it is extremely important to make your visibility key. In the fall it tends to get darker sooner, putting outside activity at somewhat of a risk. Wear reflective gear and stay healthy plus safe. (shoes, jacket) 


Swell Container. A great bottle is important to keep you hydrated, however in the cooler morning of autumn you may not be looking to keep your beverage cool. Think duo containers which hold hot and cold drinks and can come in handy anyday. Start your workout with herbal tea, then have your water when you feel the need during and after your workout. 


There you have it. The things we don't leave home without in the fall and things that will help your workout and health through the seasons' change. Don't forget to comment and share your top fall fitness essentials and health tips!